Fees & Offers

Emergency visit €30-€50
Prescription €30
Check up including small x-rays €40
Check up, Scale and polish €70
Periodontal Scaling with local anaesthetic €60-90 Per visit
Scale and polish with Hygienist €60 Per visit
Scale and polish with Dentist €60 Per visit
OPG €50
Temporary Filling €40
Paediatric(baby teeth) €50
Amalgam(silver) €70-€80
Composite(white) €75-€85
Dressings €50
Tip replacement including pin €85-€100
Paediatric (baby teeth) €50 (includes aftercare)
Routine €80 (includes aftercare)
Surgical €80-€100 (includes aftercare)
Single root (canine /incisor) €200-€250 (includes filling)
Premolar €250-€300 (includes filling)
Molar €600 (includes filling)
Crowns €750-€800
Crown and post €850
Night Guard €150
Bleaching €250 (Upper and Lower)
Sports Mouth guard €90
Repairs/Additions €70
Acrylic denture €250-€450
Cobalt Chrome Dentures €850



This months special offer

  • Offers:
  • With our already very competitive prices, we are conscious that there is no dental care for students who are not holders of a medical card. Therefore we are offering a 10% discount on all treatment for students (Valid student I.D required. 10% Discount cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers)
  • In the event that a patient has an extensive course of treatment to do we do offer discounts, which can be discussed on an individual basis with your dentist.
  • Group scheme